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Vibrant colours geometrical glass twist vasesColourful glass twist vases
Sale price$34.00 USD
Irregular glass diningware platesElegant irregular glass jewellery tray
Sale priceFrom $30.00 USD
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Colourful, shiny ball glass flower decorative vasesShiny ball glass vases
Sale priceFrom $34.00 USD Regular price$44.00 USD
White, green and blue geometric ball glass vases on a table with flowersWoman holding pink geometric ball glass vase with white flowers
Sale price$39.00 USD
Bubble glass jar make up brush storage holderBlack amber white bubble storage glass jar
Sale price$24.00 USD
Save $15.00
Purple, yellow and white cute tiny mushroom lampsPurple spiral stripe glass mushroom lamp
Sale price$59.00 USD Regular price$74.00 USD
Save $15.00
White and orange mushroom table lampsOrange & white glass retro mushroom lamps on shelf
Sale price$103.00 USD Regular price$118.00 USD
Save $18.00
Pearl stem elevated glass jewellery traysElevated pearl stem glass tray
Sale price$44.00 USD Regular price$62.00 USD
Brown tortoiseshell pattern glass bowlBrown glass tortoiseshell bowl on a hand
Sale priceFrom $36.00 USD
Grey ball glass nordic vasesGreen nordic ball glass vases
Sale priceFrom $44.00 USD
Three layered ball glass drinkwareTripple layered ball drinking glass with pink drink & coffee
Sale priceFrom $30.00 USD
Brown glass ruffle decorative vase on table.Decorative grey textured round glass flower vase.
Sale priceFrom $30.00 USD
Modern glass stemware margarita cocktail glasses.Modern stemware cocktail drinking glasses.
Sale priceFrom $24.00 USD
Modern glass tableware full tea set on a dinner table.Teapot and tea cups with glass modern design with black ball accent.
Sale priceFrom $30.00 USD
Irregular wine glasses with black stem.Irregular wine glass with brown stem.
Sale price$30.00 USD
Colourful beads stem wine glass.Colourful glass stemware wine glasses.
Sale price$30.00 USD
Fun stemware margarita cocktail glasses.Margarita cocktail glass goblets stemware.
Sale price$24.00 USD
Save $7.00
Cute, elegant glass stemware drinking goblets with colourful gemstones.Elegant drink glass goblet stemware with colourful gemstones.
Sale price$30.00 USD Regular price$37.00 USD
Flower Ripple Cocktail GlassFlower Ripple Cocktail Glass
Sale price$36.00 USD
Frosted Glass GobletFrosted Glass Goblet
Sale price$24.00 USD
Cute flower design drinking glass with iced coffee.Ice coffee in cute flower design drinking glass.
Sale priceFrom $27.00 USD
Pink glass golden rim stemware collection.Pink glass golden rim elegant stemware wine glass.
Sale priceFrom $34.00 USD
Colourful, lined drinking glass set - 6 PCS.Blue, lined drinking glass.
Sale priceFrom $22.00 USD
Colourful glass goblets.Colourful glass drinking glass or dessert bowl goblets.
Sale price$30.00 USD