Our Tableware collection is a stylish and practical selection of home decor and interior design products that are designed to elevate your dining experience and make mealtime more enjoyable. From dinnerware and flatware to glassware and serveware, our collection has everything you need to set a beautiful and inviting table for any occasion.

Our Tableware collection features a wide range of products, including classic and modern designs, high-quality materials, and beautiful finishes. Whether you're looking for a set of sleek and stylish plates, elegant glassware, or a unique serving bowl that will impress your guests, we have something for every style and taste.

All of our Tableware products are made from durable and easy-to-care-for materials, ensuring that they are both functional and beautiful. They are also designed to be mixed and matched, allowing you to create a custom table setting that reflects your personal style and taste.

Our Tableware collection is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain, or who simply wants to make mealtime more enjoyable. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal at home with your family, our collection has everything you need to set a beautiful and inviting table. Browse our collection today to find the perfect pieces for your home


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White pearl silver tablewareWhite pearl silver tableware fork
Sale priceFrom $15.00 USD
Groovy, checkerboard pattern acrylic, square shape cup coastersAcrylic checkerboard square cup coasters
Sale priceFrom $22.00 USD
Asymmetrical acrylic mirror cup coastersAsymmetrical silver mirror acrylic coaster / jewellery tray
Sale price$29.00 USD
Metallic silver serving tray with wine glassGalaxy metallic serving tray
Sale price$47.00 USD
Geometrical ceramic colourful trinket dishesGeometrical blue ceramic trinket dish
Sale priceFrom $26.00 USD
Bean shaped ceramic splash ink plate with salad on dining tableCream yellow and white black splash ink ceramic bean shaped plates
Sale price$44.00 USD
Elegant martini glass goblet with gold rimGold rim elegant glass goblet
Sale priceFrom $38.00 USD
Cute green white black check plates in irregular groovy designIrrgular ceramic black white checkered plate
Sale price$38.00 USD
Set of 2 asymmetrical kitchen wood trayDark wood kitchen tray with bread
Sale price$67.00 USD
Gradient orange, pink, blue & green round acrylic coastersGradient colourful circle acrylic cup coasters
Sale priceFrom $18.00 USD
Light wood line tray in arch and wavy shape on table with cosmeticsLight wood arch & wavy shape kitchen trays
Sale price$55.00 USD
Save $9.00
Colourful ceramic mug with saucer with a shrek ear knob handlePastel green ceramic mug & saucer with a knob, shrek ear handle
Sale price$44.00 USD Regular price$53.00 USD
Save $6.00
Cute floral porcelain white tableware bowlsRomantic floral porcelain white food tableware bowls
Sale price$29.00 USD Regular price$35.00 USD
Pastel pink, blue & yellow cloud mug & saucer in a kitchen counter topBeige grey'ish ceramic mug with cloud handle and saucer
Sale price$44.00 USD
White, ceramic, nordic style irregular ceramic tableware dish plates & bowlsWhite, ceramic irregular tableware dish plates and bowls
Cute pastel tea cups with flower saucersYellow tea cup with flower saucer
Sale price$44.00 USD
Save $6.00
White puffy flower plateWhite flower ceramic dining plate
Sale price$44.00 USD Regular price$50.00 USD
Ceramic shell design tableware dish platesCeramic shell design food dish plate
Sale price$44.00 USD
Round, colourful, groovy checkerboard pattern cup coasterBeige & white checkered pattern round cup coaster
Sale priceFrom $22.00 USD
Green, pink, brown, groovy retro coffee mugs with chunky handleGreen & pink funky retro ceramic mugs with thick handle
Sale price$47.00 USD
Save $5.00
Colourful splash ink ceramic mug & saucerCeramic pottery coffee mug and saucer
Sale price$53.00 USD Regular price$58.00 USD
White splash ink chunky handle ceramic mugWhite splash ink chunky handle ceramic coffee mugs
Sale price$34.00 USD
Gradient ble yellow frosted glass ice cream bowlBlue, pink & yellow frosted glass trumpet dessert bowl
Sale price$29.00 USD
Fun colourful glass drinkware gobletPink amber trumpet drinking glass with green blue stem ball accent
Sale price$44.00 USD