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Immerse yourself in the modern allure of acrylic with our captivating Acrylic Collection at Beekindled. Discover a curated selection of stunning home decor and lifestyle products crafted from this versatile and contemporary material. From sleek furniture and elegant decor accents to stylish accessories and statement jewelry, our Acrylic Material Collection offers a diverse range of items that exude sophistication and creativity. With its crystal-clear transparency and sleek aesthetic, acrylic adds a touch of modern elegance to any space. Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring a seamless blend of style and durability. Embrace the beauty of acrylic and elevate your surroundings with our exceptional Acrylic Collection. Shop now and embrace the modern sophistication of Beekindled.


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Blue acrylic book vase with text on shelf with purple tulipsBrown acrylic book vase with text and green white flower bouquet
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Modern Scandinavian decor elevated acrylic tray with silver ballsNordic design elevated silver ball acrylic tray
Salgspris259,00 DKK
Clear acrylic asymmetrical coaster with makeup and jewelleryAsymmetrical clear coasters with jewellery.
SalgsprisFra 119,00 DKK
Round, colourful, groovy checkerboard pattern cup coasterBeige & white checkered pattern round cup coaster
SalgsprisFra 145,00 DKK
Groovy, checkerboard pattern acrylic, square shape cup coastersAcrylic checkerboard square cup coasters
SalgsprisFra 149,00 DKK
Foldable acrylic storage shelfFoldable acrylic storage shelf with books, candle, mug and vase
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Pink galaxy shiny acrylic storage box & trayPink galaxy shine decorative acrylic storage tray
SalgsprisFra 299,00 DKK
Pink, wavy acrylic decorative vase with white flowersPink, acrylic irregular vase with blue flowers
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Asymmetrical acrylic mirror cup coastersAsymmetrical silver mirror acrylic coaster / jewellery tray
Salgspris199,00 DKK
Geometric, colourful acrylic decorative vasesGeometric, colourful acrylic vases
Salgspris279,00 DKK
Gradient orange, pink, blue & green round acrylic coastersGradient colourful circle acrylic cup coasters
SalgsprisFra 119,00 DKK
Acrylic book vase with pink flowersAcrylic book vase with flowers
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Acrylic pink & blue arch wavy flower vasesPink & blue decorative acrylic flower vases
Salgspris299,00 DKK