Candle Holders

Illuminate your space with elegance and warmth from our enchanting Candleholders Collection at Beekindled. Discover a captivating assortment of candleholders that will add a touch of magic to any room. From sleek and modern designs to intricate and ornate pieces, our collection offers a diverse range of styles to suit various aesthetics. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, our candleholders are not only exquisite decorative accents but also functional items that create a soothing ambiance. Whether you're seeking the perfect centerpiece for a special occasion or want to infuse your everyday life with a gentle glow, our Candleholders Collection has the ideal options. Shop now and let the flickering candlelight cast a spell of serenity and beauty in your space with Beekindled.


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Blach, ceramic, wiggle candlestick holdersPurple, ceramic, wiggle candlestick holders with blue twist candles & white, shell vase
SalgsprisFra 299,00 DKK
Black & white splash ink irregular multi head U shape candlestick holders with twist candlesWhite splash ink irregular ceramic candlestick holder with arch shape and 3 heads
SalgsprisFra 229,00 DKK
Colourful geometric crystal block candleholdersGeometric ball colourful crystal candleholders
SalgsprisFra 259,00 DKK
Kusama Dots CandleholderKusama Dots Candleholder
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Minimalistic, amber, brown & pink glass candlestick holdersSimple glass candlestick holders with glowing candles
Salgspris179,00 DKK
Pink, green, brown glass romantic candlestick holdersBrown, pink & green romantic glass candleholders
Salgspris199,00 DKK
Orange bubble glass candleholdersGeometric glass orange candlestick holders
Purple glass layered ball candlestick holdersPurple ball glass candleholder
Pink, ceramic mushroom candleholderBlue, beige, white, pink ceramic mushroom candlestick holders
SalgsprisFra 229,00 DKK
Brown, glass layered ripple candlestik holdersBrown, glass layered saucer candlestick holder
SalgsprisFra 229,00 DKK
Blue, layered saucer glass candlestick holderBlue, glass layered saucer candlestick holder
SalgsprisFra 239,00 DKK
Gradient orange, pink, blue & green round acrylic coastersGradient colourful circle acrylic cup coasters
SalgsprisFra 119,00 DKK
Shiny galaxy glass geometric layered candlestick holdersGalaxy glass shiny candlestick holders
Salgspris299,00 DKK