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Wrap yourself in comfort and style with our exquisite Cushions + Blankets Collection at Beekindled. Dive into a world of cozy elegance as you explore our curated selection of plush cushions and luxurious blankets. Our collection features a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors to suit any home decor style. From soft knitted throws to velvety smooth cushions, each piece is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to quality and comfort. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space, or give the gift of coziness to your loved ones. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color, enhance your relaxation corner, or simply indulge in comfort, our Cushions + Blankets Collection has everything you need. Shop now and embrace the cozy side of life with Beekindled.


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Rusty orange white daisy flower throw pillowsWhite rust orange amber daisy flower throw pillows
Salgspris259,00 DKK
Colourful woven plush chair cushions on sofaGrey, pink and mink green plush chair cushion on a sofa
SalgsprisFra 339,00 DKK
Colourful decorative velvet decor pillows.Velvet colourful decorative pillows.
Salgspris199,00 DKK
Groovy Chair PillowGroovy Chair Pillow
Salgspris249,00 DKK
Cute Bow PillowCute Bow Pillow
Salgspris259,00 DKK
Modern nude colour knitted tassel blankets.Brown tassel throw blanket.
Salgspris359,00 DKK
Beige, amber and brown sunflower throw blanket for bedroom.Red, beige and brown decorative throw blanket with floral patterns.
Salgspris359,00 DKK
black & white patterned decorative sofa and white matisse design decorative sofa pillow.
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Green, jungle plant leaf throw cushionsGreen plant decorative throw pillow
Salgspris259,00 DKK
Fluffy faux cow print throw pillowsFluffy faux cow print throw pillow / Brown & White
SalgsprisFra 179,00 DKK
Black & white line art decorative sofa cushionsBlack & white line decorative throw pillows
SalgsprisFra 319,00 DKK
Rusty orange decorative retro throw pillowsBrown, white & rusty orange pattern decorative throw pillows
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Pink, blue & yellow elegant, velvet pumpkin decorative cushionsYellow, velvet round pumpkin decorative cushion
Salgspris319,00 DKK
Black & white funky check decorative throw cushionsFunky retro design , black & white decorative throw pillows
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Pink white fluffy ball throw pillowsWhite pink fluffy dot round cushion
Salgspris399,00 DKK
Black white checkerboard fleece blanketGreen white checkerboard fleece blanket
SalgsprisFra 339,00 DKK
Black & white swirl lines tassel blanketBlack & white swirl lines tassel blanket close-up
Salgspris345,00 DKK
Red & white groovy checkerboard tassel sofa blanketRed & white groovy retro checkerboard tassel blanket
Salgspris339,00 DKK
Colourful velvet elegant decorative throw shell cushionsColourful velvet decorative shell cushions
Salgspris299,00 DKK
Square velvet soft chair cushionsGreen white velvet chair cushion
Salgspris229,00 DKK