Our Lamps collection offers a beautiful selection of lighting options to enhance the ambiance and style of your home. From table lamps to floor lamps, our collection features a range of sizes, styles, and materials to suit any taste and preference.

Our Lamps collection is carefully curated to include only the highest quality products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're looking for a statement piece to add to your living room or a practical task lamp for your home office, our collection has something for everyone.

We offer a variety of lighting options, including dimmable bulbs, adjustable arms, and different color temperatures, ensuring that you can customize the lighting to meet your specific needs. Our lamps are also designed to be energy-efficient, making them both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

In addition to their functionality, our lamps are also beautiful decorative pieces that can add personality and style to any room. They can be used to create a warm and cozy ambiance in your living room or bedroom or to highlight a specific area or object in your home.

Our Lamps collection is perfect for anyone who values high-quality and beautiful design in their home decor. Whether you're looking to update your current lighting or add a new statement piece to your home, our collection has everything you need to elevate your home decor.

Browse our Lamps collection today to find the perfect lighting solution for your home.


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25 products

White rice paper bubble floor lampWhite rice paper bubble floor lamp
Sale price599,00 DKK
Purple, yellow and white cute tiny mushroom lampsPurple spiral stripe glass mushroom lamp
Sale price399,00 DKK
Retro cloud orange mushroom lamp on office table with laptopWhite cloud mushroom table lamp
Sale priceFrom 559,00 DKK
White and orange mushroom table lampsOrange & white glass retro mushroom lamps on shelf
Sale price699,00 DKK
Cloud Loft LampCloud Loft Lamp
Sale priceFrom 629,00 DKK
Glowing pink LED sign lights.Glowing LED sign lights, pink "Hello" and planet.
Sale priceFrom 359,00 DKK
Transparent plastic colourful mushroom table lamps.Orange retro transparent table lamp.
Sale priceFrom 559,00 DKK
Bedside wall lamp - gold with glass ball shade.Bedside wall lamp glass romantic gold.
Sale priceFrom 559,00 DKK
Candy Beam Table LampCandy Beam Table Lamp
Sale price799,00 DKK
Ramen noodles LED neon lighting.Banana neon led light.
Sale priceFrom 339,00 DKK
Green shade gold metal portable table lamp.Beige shade gold metal portable table lamp.
White murano glass colourful splash paint table lamp.White glass colourful ink table lamp.
Sale price449,00 DKK
Colourful, shiny balloon dog portable decorative table lamp.Golden balloon dog creative portable table lamp.
Sale price399,00 DKK
Round, white pumpkin shape pendant lamp.White, modern pendant loft lamp.
Sale priceFrom 499,00 DKK
Brown macaron retro table glass lamp.Colourful glass macaron decorative table lamps.
Sale price699,00 DKK
Diamond shape wooden wall lamp.Nordic design modern wall lamp.
Sale price899,00 DKK
Elegant gold glass decorative lamp.Decorative gold metal glass lamp.
Sale price399,00 DKK
Modern white and black wooden candle melting table lamps.Black wooden modern candle melting lamp.
Sale price529,00 DKK
Colourful portable USB small metallic table lampsBlue LED portable USB metal table lamp
Sale price599,00 DKK
Cute pastel colourful portable USB plug lotus table lampsPastel color portable USB tiny lotus table lamps
Sale price299,00 DKK
Cute, white line glass mushroom lampBlue glass tiny mushroom lamp and twist pink candle
Sale priceFrom 399,00 DKK
Black, metal USB plug mushroom nightlight lampWhite, metal USB plus mushroom nightlight lamp
Sale price499,00 DKK
White, tiny cute pearl shell table lampsWhite pearl lightbulb shell lamp
Sale price599,00 DKK
Pink yellow layered bubble glass table lampLayered bubble pink yellow candly glass lamp
Sale price1.199,00 DKK